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What’s Wrong With Busy Work?

We like busy work. It’s always at least a little bit less painful than the task we know we should be doing. At the same time, we feel at least a little productive.

Cleaning behind the fridge is normally less than inspiring, but it doesn’t sound half-bad when the other option is doing your taxes.

It’s important to be aware of when you’re avoiding your real work for busy work. You’ll actually be happier if you make the most of your time each day.

Consider these examples of busy work:

● Deleting old emails
● Unplanned house cleaning
● Learning when you should be doing
● Organizing files

Busy work is any activity that provides less value than what you should be doing, such as:

1. It gives the false impression that you’re being productive. We can feel pretty good about doing busy work. We’re active and feel like we’re accomplishing something. No one can say that cleaning out your desk drawers is a completely useless activity.

● However, it’s not a pressing activity. It’s probably not the absolute be…

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